Starting Up Your SHOPIFY STORE - Do's and Don'ts

Everyone wants to become an internet entrepreneur and start their online store but most forget that entrepreneurship is not about you, its about your customers; ENTREPRENEURSHIP is not selfish. First focus on the value you bring and then focus on making money.

Some general tips below:

1. The world is very competitive; before you start buying products or setting up your store you need to understand what value are you going to bring to your customer base? If you want to just open up a SHOPIFY store without any differentiation, why will they buy from you?

2. Who is your customer base? How old are they? Where are they from? What are their interests? 

3. How are you different from the rest?

4. What is your target market looking for?

5. How much will it cost you to get someone to land in your page?

6. Is your page the same or better than other pages in the same niche? Same question. Why would they buy from you if they can buy from amazon or ebay?

7. How different is your product from the rest? E-commerce has commoditized most products out there, if you do not build a brand, it will be harder to sell and your margins will slowly die out. If everyone is buying the same products from Ali Express, they will end competing in price between each other because there is no differentiation....Amazon and Ebay are price discovery tools that might kill your margins faster...

8. If your target customer wants an iphone case, why will they buy it from your page when they can get it from alibaba, amazon or ebay?

9. Don't focus on just making money!! First focus on adding value to other peoples lives. Once you become relevant, are able to help people and gain their TRUST, they will buy from you.

10. Can you offer better customer service than other companies out there?

11. Don't spend money on online marketing courses, don't spend a single dime on any training course! Don't buy books from GURUS! ALL THE INFORMATION THAT YOU NEED TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL, you can get it for free!  

12. Your page needs to look professional, like if it is being operated by a full dedicated team.

13. Build a nice logo that tells the story of your brand. Don't be lazy

14. Are the products you are selling easy to buy somewhere else? Is your product unique?

15. How much money do you have to: buy inventory and invest in marketing? Do you have enough working capital?

16. What value can you add to your target market's lives without selling them anything? How can you call their attention? We are in a world full of ads, why will your ad call their attention? 

17. Do you even have followers? Before trying to sell a product, try to gain credibility in your niche., become a reliable source of information and get people to follow you and trust you.

18. Do you have an e-mail list?? You should!

These are some of the biggest mistakes I see people doing on SHOPIFY. They are desperate to sell whatever they can get on Ali Express but they have no target market, credibility, expertise in their niche and they are just plain selfish thinking about only making money, trying to sell fidget spinners and fake watches complaining why they can't make their first sale.