They will take your job, stop being a cry baby! The Competition is real!


Stop bitching and whining! The world is very competitive and unless you are willing to be obsessed about it and give it 100%, you will not be successful. There are billions of people in this world trying to improve their lives and coming from a much lower or uncomfortable position than you are right now, and you know what, they don't complain! They keep on moving! If you are just bitching and whining about how it hard it is, you are a spoiled brat!

I've heard many motivational speakers say that when you hit rock bottom, there is nothing to lose. The opposite occurs when you are too comfortable, you have a lot to win but, a lot to lose (no more binge watching TV shows) but lets start tomorrow! One day will not make a difference! HAHAHA. Be smart, if you are in a comfortable situation, you have a lot of leverage and tons of opportunities, you just have to move your ass.

BizWhiz, but I get home late from work and I have to clean the house, life is to tough for me!
I want to start my business but I only have the weekends to do it! 
My friends are going out this weekend to this awesome party and I don't want to miss it.
I'm tired, let me sleep just one more hour.
I wan't to lose weight but the gym is boring!
There's a lot of competition, these guys are much better, why would I even bother spending the time?
The exam is next week, I'll study the day before..
I am crazy, this dream is not real. I should just be normal like everyone else; this is too risky and not worth it.

No one said it would be easy! If you are reading this, you probably have it easier than most of the people in this planet, who by the way, are ready to eat your lunch!

That's right! I remember the first job I had, I worked at at venture capital firm and I was studying for a finance certification, called the CFA. For those of you who haven't heard about it, it's a a tough exam (By the way, only completed one of the three exams). I wouldn't say rocket science but it requires a lot of discipline and endurance if you want to pass it. I used to study for the CFA during the mornings before work and at night after work. My co-worker, a very smart, driven and extremely hard-working guy (Harvard MBA), used to motivate me all the time by saying: While you are sleeping, partying with your friends, or having fun during the weekends, there is a guy in India (nothing against Indians) with less resources than you that is studying for the exam every day nonstop. He will pass the exam and he will then take your job. He was saying it in a funny manner, but everything he said was true. 


So stop finding excuses to why you can't focus, or stop saying: Oh, but I need balance in life. If you want balance in life, its fine, but don't complain. Balance is for the majority of the population, the average; the ones that are satisfied with just enough to live life passing by and want to be like the rest. The ones that don't have the discipline of focusing and obsessing with one thing and not getting distracted or ashamed of being socially ridiculed for being different. When did you ever hear about someone being successful or reaching their goals by doing what the majority of the people do? NEVER. Be happy they call you weirdo! Many people criticize me because I like to save money. What they don't know is that I invest it, I travel more than ten times a year and I will be quitting my job in eight months. Do you think I want to have their life? None of then pay my bills! Why would I follow their advice? I would never want to be like any of them! My goals are completely different to theirs, and my expectations of life as well.

I've also heard people say: You cannot eat healthy alt the time, you need balance! Does this even make sense? A horse eats hay every single day; does he need to eat ice cream to be balanced? In the end, why live a balanced life? If whatever you do makes you happy and fulfilled, that's what matters.

Remember: For every single profession, job, business out there and even idea, there is an obsessed owner, employee or entrepreneur. That means, that to be the best or one of the best, you will need to be crazier and more obsessed than that guy! If you are not willing to do that, then forget it. This is my honest message to you!  You will thank me for this.