I love MONEY and I love to WORK! But for the right reasons....

The purpose of this short blog post is to set things straight from the beginning. My posts might sound as if I am a hater of work and as if I believe money is evil. None of those are true.

In fact, I love making money and investing it and I love working!


Why do I love making money?

I can invest it and make more money which will give me the opportunity to take control over my life. Money gives me the opportunity to have time to spend my life doing the things that I love. Some people prefer to use money to buy stuff to improve their confidence, gain status and impress others; and I respect it. Everyone can do whatever they want with their money; nothing against that.

And I can do that as well but honestly, no one pays my bills so why should I care much about what other people say.

Conclusion: By no means my intention is to promote the hatred of money nor capitalism, etc. I want to help people better understand money and motivate them to use it to improve their lives.


Why do I love working? I love working because work of course helps me generate money, helps me show my creativity to the world (I don't consider myself creative), helps me learn, helps me help others, helps me challenge myself.

I am not against work by any means. I want people to improve their relationship with work as well. While I write this blog, I am working but at the same time I am having fun, I am trying to improve my writing, and I am helping other people (I hope I am). 

My message to everyone is: Just make sure that whatever you do for a living if it is something you will be doing for the long-run, ENJOY IT! 

What is the purpose of working and having money if you don't enjoy the JOURNEY and the RESULTS? Honestly, I'd rather be dead. 

Whatever you dedicate your life to doing, make sure you in someway feel satisfied by doing it. 

When will you notice this? The moment you start making more money than what you really need to cover your needs and live a comfortable lifestyle you will start valuing time more and your perception of work will change. You will probably wish you had more time to do things you enjoy. 

Remember that you treat the money you make with love; this money = time in your life you gave to someone else. This time will not come back so make sure that you exchange it for something that is really worth it and that makes you happy!

Conclusion: Work is good. Make sure you are doing something that you at least like in some way and that you can leverage for personal development (acquire skills and improve yourself).