Reasons to start your own business and reasons not to start your own business!

I will make this blog post simple and easy to read:

Start your own business if:

1. You want to have more control over your time
2. You have a skill or knowledge in a topic you would like to share with others
3. You are willing to dedicate your life to that thing you like, you are good at or you are passionate about.
4. You have a solution that will help others solve a problem and/or improve other peoples lives.
5. You have a solution that will help other people make more money.
6. You are willing to work more than when you used to work for your employer.
7. You are willing to give up everything in your life including any luxury and/or comfort items in exchange for a successful business.
8. No matter how much money you make (as long as you cover your basic needs), you enjoy what you are doing.
9. You care more abut the business or cause more than you care about social acceptance or what other people think.
10. You are willing to get out of your comfort zone and do things you are scared of doing (public speaking, selling a product to people somewhere, cold calling)

Don't start your own business if:

1. You hate your job, hate working and want to work less.
2. Want to proclaim yourself an entrepreneur
3. Are not willing to sacrifice hours of socializing, partying, fun.
4. Are not willing to change your spending habits and use the money for your business.
5. You are not willing to take action and just like talking about starting your own business.
6. You are forcing yourself to start a business or sell something you don't really know much about but you just want money.
7. You just want easy money and that's it.
8. You don't care about adding value in any way, solving a problem in any way or improving a product or service that already exists.
9. You are just desperate to make money no matter how.
10. You just want to buy stuff to impress others.
11. You can not differentiate your product, service or idea from what is currently offered in the market. You can still be successful but playing me too is expensive; if you don't have the capital or backing to play for a long time, you will burn a lot of cash.

Some of these points are relative and may not apply to all. Nevertheless, make sure you want to start your own business for the right reasons, if not, you will fail. There is nothing bad in working for someone else and not being and entrepreneur. You can still work for someone and obtain financial freedom. Always make sure that whatever your are doing is challenging you, helping you grow and giving you some sort of enjoyment.

I am not an entrepreneur and I am not ashamed of that, you shouldn't be ashamed either.