Money without Purpose is called Suicide


Disclaimer: This article might have some generalizations. Don't focus on that; focus on the main message.

Many of you say: If I could just make $1k more a month I would be completely happy. My answer to that is BULLSHIT!

Believe me! I am 27 years old, I make more than 6 figures a year, have a stable job and more than enough money saved in my bank account to cover my expenses for 4-5 years. I have never had any financial problems in my life; I have been given all the tools to make a good living and I have made good use of them (many of you probably had to build the tools yourself, be proud of that!).


Do I feel happy or fulfilled with my self and what I have achieved during my life? To be honest, no...In 8 months I am quitting my job to live a life of full uncertainty! 

I have prepared myself and saved money for this for many years but its fine, what's the worst that could happen? I am not materially attached to anything, don't need any luxuries to be happy; so as long as I have my beloved ones, food and shelter and PURPOSE I will thrive and do good.

I don't hate my job; I find it somewhat interesting and am sure there are thousands of jobs more boring and mundane than mine. But I am more than my job!

So why complicate your life? Reasons I am quitting my job and pursuing other passions:

  1. When life becomes too easy it becomes boring
  2. I love taking risks and challenging myself
  3. I want to have the opportunity to create something from scratch
  4. I want to help others and bring some sort of value to the world
  5. I want to make my own decisions
  6. I hate routine
  7. I hate living in the same place for a long time
  8. I want to be able to take more control of what I do with my time
  9. I want to be able to improve my business skills
  10. I hate the politics of corporate environments

I know what I want from life. I know what makes me happy!

My life purpose is centered around the following:

  1. I like helping small businesses grow (business consulting and finance freelancer)
  2. I want to help people improve their financial situation, become financially independent (DaBizWhiz Blog)
  3. I love living in different places (I am moving to Bali in 8 months and will be moving somewhere else after that).
  4. I love adventure and sports. (Will move to places I can snowboard during the winter and play soccer during the rest of the year, travel and enjoy different cultures)
  5. I want to spend time with my kids whenever they come to life (Reason why I want to be able to work from home as a contractor)
  6. I don't care about impressing anyone but myself (I don't spend on unnecessary junk to impress others).

I can assure you that I can do this for the rest of my life and I will be fulfilled. Did you notice that my first two points are focused on helping others? Of course I need money to live, but money will come, that doesn't worry me.

I don't want money just to have money. I don't want money to buy stuff. I want money to be able to experience my life as I see it in my dreams. I know what makes me happy and what doesn't. 

Everyone wants a mansion, expensive cars, yachts and watches. Have you ever sat down and thought if you really want all of that? You probably think: Obviously, who doesn't?

Probably, you don't. You just want happiness. Your unconscious ties all of those wants with happiness which makes you believe that you need all of that to be happy.

Once your basic needs are met and you have money to spend on what you want, more money and stuff will not make you happier until you find a purpose!

Do you think Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk want money just to buy stuff and show-off? NO!

They love what they do and dedicate their lives to it! They are passionate about what they do and that is why they have been successful. They are obsessed with what they do. For them, it is not work! For them it is fun and challenging!

They are not selfish. Most of what they have created has provided value to society in some way. They obtain happiness from what they PRODUCE not from what they CONSUME.

Always Remember:

Purpose could be one thing or many things you could do during your life that make you feel fulfilled, happy, satisfied. Your purpose doesn't have to be to end world hunger, build a rocket to visit mars, find a cure for aids, cancer... You get my point, look at me. I'm an average guy with average goals.

Happiness and Fulfillment will only come when you navigate through life as a producer and focus on adding value to society.

Use your money to produce value to others and you will be rewarded forever. Use your money to feed your ego and impress others and you will be a slave for live!