How to save money on groceries and food...

Long blogs are boring. Straight to the point:

1. Stop spending money on junk food, cheeses, sauces, dips, oils, processed food and food that doesn't add any nutritional value to your diet. Focus on two things a) Macro Foods - Tubers, Rice, Fish/Protein Meats, Fruits b) Micro Foods - Vegetables, Fruits, Others

2. Buy in bulk - Get your Costco/SAM/BJs membership Card now! I often hear people saying that wholesale clubs are for people with families. This is not true; focus your diet on a couple of staple foods and you will save a ton of money!

3. Enroll in credit card programs: American Express Blue Cash Everyday and Blue Cash Preferred provide 3% and 6% cash back on groceries for the first $6k spent /year.

4. Measure the amount of food you eat. In the US, normally the people overeat (including myself). I always use the same white bowl which has space for about 3.5 cups of food. If I eat more than what fits in the bowl, I know I'm overeating. (Of course, the food needs to be balanced).

5. Use Cashback Apps - I would definitely recommend Ibotta. It is an app where you scan your receipts and get cash back based on what you purchase.

6. Keep your diet simple! It sounds boring but food should be the equivalent of filling your gas tank (energy + vitamins + nutrients), don't over complicate. If you are spending too much time trying to make food fun, find something more fun to do with you time. Focus on healthy staple foods.

7. Stop eating out...Restaurant owners need to make a living but not at my expense...Let someone else pay for that...

I currently spend $500/month on groceries (a house of two people) which is about $2.08 per meal if we eat 4 meals per day. I'm sure many people probably spend much less than this.

As I always say, personal finance is not about math. Personal Finance is all about discipline and focus.